3 things to do if it rains at your outdoor wedding

3 things to do if it rains at your outdoor wedding
rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day. It’s the one thing that stresses couples out the most, and the one thing you can do nothing about.

The most frequently asked questions we hear is ‘What do we do if it rains?’. Rest assured, rain on your wedding day – even an outdoor wedding – does not mean that your wedding is ruined.

It’s not just rain though. Weather of all sorts can play a part in your big day. By working with experts, like The Venue Portfolio, means that all eventualities are covered.

So what should you do?

1. Have contingency plans

You don’t need to plan for every eventuality from the moment you start your wedding planning. However, bear in mind that the weather is predictably unpredictable – especially in the UK.

You might have seen beautiful outdoor tables in Pinterest posts but in reality, that is unlikely to be a good idea. Our tipis are put up by professionals to withstand all types of weather. We also know where on each of our venues are the best positions for them to be placed. This means that if it has rained on the run up to the day, the ground will still stand up to vehicles and people going across it.

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony and there is any chance of rain at the time it is due to be taking place, we can talk with you about how we can rearrange furniture inside to make it happen there and to be equally as beautiful.

2. Talk to your suppliers

Most wedding suppliers will be watching the weather as much as you are.

  • Your florist will want to make sure it is not too hot or too wet. Especially if you have outdoor florals planned.
  • Your caterer will want to make sure that they are not going to be serving their food in plates swimming with rain water as it’s brought to the tables.
  • Your photographer will want to make sure there are a number of options for photos around the venue for all eventualities.

We talk to all of your suppliers in the run up to your wedding to help them deal with all of these challenges. Together we will put in place contingency plans. This ensures that they can perform to the best of their abilities and make your day a success.

Whether that means changing the layout of each structure, adding in extra matting or tracking or looking at what other cover we might be able to bring in to keep people under cover. Rain on your wedding day does not mean it won’t go smoothly.

flower girls under umbrella

3. Change your mindset

firepit at tipi wedding venue

You may have been planning your wedding since childhood or since the moment your partner popped the question. We understand that you will have had an image in your mind of what your perfect day should look like.

Sipping drinks on the grass overlooking the beautiful lake at The Venue at Gayton. Watching the sunset on the decking at The Venue at Golborne. Relaxing on deckchairs watching the rolling fields at The Venue at Little Hay – all of these involve sunshine.

Whilst this may well happen on your wedding day, be prepared that it might not. But that is not always a bad thing! Everyone having to huddle inside the tipi or marquee to keep dry means that there is more opportunity to chat to each other. Standing around the firepit with some marshmallows if the temperature has dropped is a way of making new friends and memories that will also last a lifetime.

We will always do everything we can to make your day exactly as you have dreamed it. It is still a good idea to be prepared that even if things do have to change slightly because of rain on your wedding day, it isn’t going to be a disaster.