Now Including Tipis!

Now Including Tipis!

Where we were…

At the end of 2023, we took the decision to invest in our business and outdoor wedding venues and purchase a tipi big enough to seat 120 people. But why?

We have always loved tipi weddings. We have hosted many across our three outdoor wedding venues in Cheshire and Staffordshire. The ability to bring the outdoors in mixed with the cosiness of the evenings make them an amazing choice for any event.

Since we set up our venues, we have worked closely with a couple of different tipi hire companies. These companies have all been amazing. However, we have always prided ourselves on being able to support engaged couples throughout their entire wedding planning journey.

We have always said that we are there to do the ‘technical bits’. So telling a potential couple that the first thing they needed to do was go and talk to another company, never sat well with us.

When one of our tipi suppliers decided to close their business, we saw it as an opportunity. An opportunity to provide a full venue service for our couples whilst still offering the personal support, flexibility and expertise that we always have.

What has changed…

We still offer the ability for couples to bring in their own choice of caterers. We also still offer corkage-free options for drinks. The only change is that we can offer an even better experience by providing the structure as well. To see what is included with our tipis, please click here.

What’s more, the tipi is not up permanently at any site. This means we are also able to bring it to wherever you need it with our Venue at Home service.

If you are thinking about a tipi wedding venue, get in touch to see if we have the perfect location for you.

(If tipis aren’t your thing, that’s fine. We are also still working with The Canvas Tent Company and Sami Tents. These companies both provide canvas marquees and larger structures)